Episode 3 - Monitor Your System!

To open up Activity Monitor:

  • Press F4 to open up Launchpad
  • Start typing “Activity Monitor”
  • Press Enter when it appears

To analyze your system:

  • Open Activity Monitor
  • Look for any processes that are taking more than 10% over time
  • Quit any programs related to that process
  • Right click the Dock icon and select “Quit”
  • If you’re not sure where a process is coming from, do an internet search

To kill a process directly (exercise caution!):

  • Select the process in Activity Monitor
  • Click on the “x” icon near the top left
  • Choose “Quit” or “Force Quit”
  • Only use “Force Quit” if “Quit” doesn’t work. Don’t kill any processes that you don’t know about, do an internet search first to see what’s recommended!

To monitor your system from the Dock:

  • Open Activity Monitor
  • Right click the icon in the Dock
  • Select Options => Keep in Dock
  • Right click the icon in the Dock
  • Select Dock Icon => Show CPU Usage