Learn to Code

Thinking about learning how to code but don't know where to start? This series of videos and exercises is designed to teach you the fundamentals of computer programming, starting from ground zero.

 Season 1: Becoming a Power User

 Season 2: Preparing Your Tools

 Season 3: Becoming a Programmer

Episode 1 - Intro to Ruby

Episode 1a - Running Ruby: Things That Can Go Wrong

Episode 2 - Code Flow: Top Down

Episode 3 - Code Flow: Left to Right

Episode 4 - Strings

Episode 4a - Things That Can Go Wrong With Strings

Episode 5 - Intro to Methods

Episode 6 - Variables

Episode 6a - Things That Can Go Wrong With Variables

Episode 7 - More About Variables

Episode 8 - User Input

Episode 8a - More About User Input

Episode 8b - Things That Can Go Wrong With User Input

Episode 8c - Synthesis: Strings, Variables, and User Input

Episode 9 - Intro to Conditionals

Episode 9a - Things That Can Go Wrong With Conditionals

Episode 10 - Naming Variables

Episode 11 - Conditionals: Else

Episode 12 - Conditionals: Elsif

Episode 12a - Synthesis: Variables, User Input, and Conditionals

Episode 12b - More About Conditionals

Episode 13 - Loops

Episode 13a - Code Flow With Loops

Episode 13b - Synthesis: Variables, Conditionals, and Loops

Episode 13c - Things That Can Go Wrong With Loops

Episode 14 - Indentation

Episode 15 - Arrays

Episode 16 - Reading Documentation

Episode 17 - The Each Method

Episode 17a - Synthesis: Arrays Plus More

Episode 17b - Modifying Values Outside of the Loop

Episode 17c - Creating Arrays With Loops

Episode 18 - Multiple Loops

Episode 18a - Arrays Within Arrays

Episode 19 - Hashes

Episode 19a - Adding Values To A Hash

Episode 19b - Things That Can Go Wrong With Hashes

Episode 20 - Hashes As Objects

Episode 20a - Arrays of Hashes

Episode 21 - Symbols

Episode 21a - Idiomatic Ruby: Hashes With Symbols

 Season 4: Object Oriented Programming