Life After Codecademy

Learn To Code For Real

Now it's time to crank things up

So you've played around with Codecademy or a similar online resource, and you've been exposed to what coding is like. Not only that, but you've found that you actually like coding, and may even consider becoming a software developer. After all, what's better than spending all day solving cool tech puzzles and getting paid handsomely for it?

You've likely discovered that while Codecademy may be good for getting your feet wet, you're now looking a guided course run by real humans (and preferably expert coding instructors) who will teach you to code for real.

But like most people, you don't really want to go back to school, or can't afford the time or financial investment to do so. What can you do next?

The choice that thousands of other people in your situation have made is to attend a coding bootcamp.

If you're looking for the coding bootcamp that:

  • Is taught live by world-class coding instructors
  • Provides unparalled guidance in helping you land your first tech job
  • Can be taken from anywhere in the US
  • Doesn't even require you to quit your current job

then we'd like to officially invite you to check out Actualize, which is ranked as one of the best coding bootcamps in the world by CIO Magazine and

Our online coding bootcamp is the world's only code school that takes place 100% live over video conferencing. By the end of our several-month course, you will be ready to land your first job as a software developer.

Our ideal student is someone who has used Codecademy or other online coding tutorials for some time, and is now ready to make the next move.

Make your next move and apply to the coding school that is unparalled in the industry.

Make Your Next Move