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What is the best way to practice coding?

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You've found a great course, tutorial, or book that will teach you to code. The resource speaks to you, it makes perfect sense, and you're learning a ton. You've successfully begun your journey in learning to code. Good for you!

The next step, naturally, is to practice what you've learned. If it's not obvious, practice is crucial to the learning process. This holds true for every s...

Do I need to know math to learn to code?

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If you’ve ever looked at a screen of computer code, you’d probably notice some numbers within the code. This can give the impression that computer programming is math heavy, or at least that you have to be well-versed in math to write code.

The truth, however, is that for most software engineering roles, the only math you’ll need to know is basic arithmetic. Addition, subtraction, ...

I want to learn to code. Which coding language should I learn first?

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If you’re thinking about learning to code, figuring out where to start can be pretty overwhelming. There are a seemingly endless number of coding resources out there, and a countless number of things to learn. One of the first questions that’s on many coding newcomers' minds is, “Which programming language should I learn first?”

The first thing to note is that there are different c...

Success Story: Grant's Switch from Sales & Customer Service to Technical Support Engineer

Grant Kazan has been fascinated with computers and technology for a long time. As a teenager, he set up emulators on his computer and always wondered how everything worked behind the pixels. He wanted to study coding but with a double-major in Economics and Communications, he didn't have time to fit in college programming classes, and didn't feel that he would be successful in them. After ea...

Why Job Guarantees Are Bad For Coding Bootcamp Students

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A recent trend I've been seeing among some coding bootcamps is offering students what they call a job guarantee. While, at first glance, a job guarantee would seem like a very good thing (who wouldn't want that?), when you look under the hood you'll discover that it is actually harmful to the student.

The first thing to make absolutely clear is that the term "job guarantee" is a mi...