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November 17, 2017

Watch The Actualize Online Live Showcase

By Jay Wengrow, CEO of Actualize

We're so proud of the most recent Actualize Online Live cohort that graduated yesterday. Each Actualize grad presented their individual Capstone projects at our online Showcase to a panel developers while others watched on YouTube LiveStream. Even though the Showcase is over, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube below.

The Capstone project that each Actualize student builds is a fully-functional web application based on a topic that is of interest to that particular student. The diversity of projects that you'll see reflects the diversity of the student body, and each app was particularly impressive. Each student put a tremendous amount of effort into building their capstones in such short a time.

The biggest takeaway from this Showcase is the fact that people are able to truly learn a tremendous amount in a very short time. Most Actualize students have little coding background, and the fact that they've been able to build their own individual web apps after learning to code for just a few months blows us away every time. We're also extremely excited that the quality of these Capstones are on par with the Capstones of our in-person courses. We credit this due to the fact that our Online Live experience, being 100% live, is very much an in-person experience even though all the students are learning from remote locations.

Without further ado, we invite you to watch the Showcase for yourself! Please enjoy the video below:

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