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February 2, 2016

The Inaugural SF Cohort: Capstone Wrap-Up

By Jay Wengrow, CEO of Actualize

Time sure does fly! We can’t believe we’ve already celebrated the graduation of our very first San Francisco cohort. The Showcase took place on a Thursday night at The Box in San Francisco, and everyone at ACLTC is so proud of all the hard work and accomplishments our developers demonstrated to the guests throughout the event.


To create their Capstone apps, the developers used technologies such as Ruby on Rails on the backend and JavaScript and Angular on the frontend, along with a variety of libraries and APIs to add features such as map integration, text messaging, browser extensions, and music streaming.

Here’s a recap of the awesome Capstone projects our developers presented at the Showcase.

Created by Elaine Botello
BARTaround is a transportation web app that enables users to make better use of the BART system, showing which stations are closest to events and destinations around the Bay Area and allowing users to create and add events that display on Google Maps.

Created by Samantha Morco
BrokeGamer is a video-game app that leverages Best Buy’s API to enable users to list games, sort them by game system, create wishlists, add and track deals on games, and post reviews.

Car Listing App
Created by Allen Wong
Car Listing App is a car-listing platform that focuses on quick and easy navigation through everything from posting listings to searching for specific cars. Features include a map/grid-style view and email alerts.

Coding Nation / Tiffany Price Photography
Created by Tiffany Price
Coding Nation is an API built from a pre-existing dataset Tiffany built of over 300 coding resources and programs, searchable by location, keywords, etc. Tiffany Price Photography is a cloud-based platform to showcase photography with an admin section that allows for uploads, classification, and modification without having to tamper with the backend.

Created by Sergei Preobrazhensky
Compose-pad is an online midi music note sequencer that enables users to log in, create, play, and save files, and open multiple files in tabs at once.
Created by Charu Sharma is an interview prep web app that connects job seekers to industry experts for mock interviews during their job searches. It lets users find experts and send appointment requests to practice interviewing with people in their fields.

J&O Lunch
Created by Trevor Jung
J&O Lunch is an e-commerce app created for an existing catering business that serves 1000 students across four parochial schools in San Francisco. It displays lunches for the previous, current, and next month, allowing parents to select, order, and pay for lunches in one place.

Magic: The Gathering Results App
Created by Matt Gainer
Magic: The Gathering Results is a web app for Magic players to post match results, manage their decks, and search a database for information about specific decks or posts.

Mortgage Finder
Created by Tim Chai
Mortgage Finder is a web app that enables users to search for multiple mortgage products, get real-time lending rates, calculate payments, learn whether or not they would be approved for mortgages, and see the terms that would be offered to them.

Created by Anthony Long Wu
MyPetFindr is a web app that helps people find and return lost pets. It utilizes geolocation to allow users to post ads for pets that are missing and notify the community of pets they’ve seen wandering loose.

Created by Nick Raccioppi
NMonitor is a server-monitoring web dashboard with the ability to monitor any website or individual server for uptime alerts and network latency. It allows users to create accounts, add any server by DNS name or IP, and specify ports for probing.

Created by Bejan Maljai
PayUp is a gamified payment app for managing debts amongst individuals and groups that facilitates tracking and payment. Users can request money from others and keep track of what they owe or are owed.

Ride 4 Less
Created by Luke Evans
Ride 4 Less is a transportation web app that enables users to easily compare trip details between UberX and public transit, delivering real-time estimates of trip time and pricing for both modes of transportation. It also notifies users of surge rates and locations.

Created by Sam Schwartz
WeGig is a web app that creates an environment for professional musicians to connect with each other. It’s an alternative to sites like Facebook that gives musicians a dedicated place to network.

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