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Educators first, developers second

It’s not good enough to be taught by a programmer who isn’t also a skilled educator. Actualize only hires Lead Instructors who are experienced educators in addition to being experienced software developers. Each Lead Instructor is empathic, funny, engaging, and most importantly, loves to teach. That's why many of our graduates have told us that their Lead Instructor is hands-down the best part of their Actualize experience.

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A real connection between you and your instructor

Some bootcamps pre-record their lessons or have a remote instructor broadcast to multiple cohorts simultaneously. What makes the Actualize experience so powerful is that your expert Lead Instructor is dedicated exclusively to your small cohort. We’re passionate about education, so we don’t cut corners to achieve scale. The Lead Instructor’s full-time job is to be there for your cohort alone. Actualize is about the very real relationship between an expert Lead Instructor, and you, the student.

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We wrote the book on how to teach programming

We obsess over the art and science of teaching people to code. We spend an inordinate amount of time and effort fine-tuning our curriculum to make it fit with the way students learn and think. In the words of one student who transferred to Actualize from another program, "You teach the concepts so well that it takes 30 minutes to learn what it took me 5 hours to learn in my previous school."

Our book covers some of the best practices on curriculum and instruction that we've honed over our many years of teaching. You can download the book for free below.

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Lifetime access to career support

Our unique job-hunting curriculum, which we refer to as Job Hacking, begins from the very first day and is integrated throughout the bootcamp. We employ the same educational expertise to the Job Hacking curriculum as we do with our coding curriculum. Working with our Career Advisors, our students start with the basics - assessing their previous experience and transferrable skills, building a great resume and online presence, and progress to the point where they’re connecting with developers and employers in the industry. After completing the live program, graduates have access to continued job support for the length of their job search, and throughout their careers.

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Coding bootcamp by day or night, anywhere in North America

We designed multiple options of our course so we can make it accessible to everyone. Whether you need to keep your day job or you want to spend the day coding, we have a program specifically tailored to you. We reach students across North America with our Online Live and Chicago offerings.

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  • The instructors (who are FANTASTIC) have backgrounds in both software development and education. Attending Actualize is without question one of the best decisions I have ever made and my only regret is not signing up earlier.

    Grant, Technical Support Engineer at Oracle
  • Personally, the instructors at Actualize are what made Actualize the best decision I have made in a long time. They invest so much in all of their students, which makes the experience much more personable and unique to an individual.

    Bona, Developer at Navistar
  • The instructors at Actualize are educators first, programmers second which makes a big difference in the learning process. One of the things I love about Actualize is the immediate feeling you get that the educators here are looking out for you, the student, and will guide you until you reach the goal set for yourself.

    John, Software Engineer at Home Chef
  • Actualize sets the standard in pedagogy with its instructors, all of whom have backgrounds in both education and computer science. The instructor made learning engaging and fun, and his teaching style provided clarity and insight on difficult concepts and topics. The curriculum prepared me extremely well for my new career as developer.

    Myles, XP Developer at Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • It not only changed my life, but it's changed my future. I would recommend Actualize to anyone interested in a career in tech. You will not regret it.

    Karen, .NET Developer at Vestmark
  • At Actualize, I got more than just an exciting new job as a software engineer. I also gained the skills to persevere through any new challenge.

    Omar, Software Engineer at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Where Our Grads Work

Our grads have landed software positions at companies of all sizes and industries. Most of these grads have made complete career transitions, switching from a wide variety of other occupations. From lawyers to bartenders and taxi drivers to nurses, we’ve been privileged to help them launch completely new careers.

Pivotal Labs
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Ever wonder what it's actually like to be a software developer? Download our ebook below.

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Online coding bootcamp

Our Online Coding Bootcamp

Our Online Live course can be taken remotely anywhere in North America. Because we believe that education requires the personal touch, our Online Live course is 100% live, the only online coding bootcamp of its kind. That means that you, your Lead Instructor, and classmates all see each other over live video conferencing at all times - for both instruction and exercises. Our students say that they feel as if they’re in a physical classroom.

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Our Chicago Coding Bootcamp

Join us in person at our Chicago headquarters in River North. Founded in early 2014, we're the longest-running Chicago coding bootcamp.

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