Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of people attend Actualize?

Our aspiring developers are success-minded individuals with a plan in hand to become a full-time web developer once they complete the Actualize program. We train people from diverse educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds - if you're motivated and a finisher with the drive to succeed, you are a good fit for our program.

I was looking for a full-time bootcamp - why would I attend a part-time program like yours?

Most full-time immersive programs have very little instruction, instead providing material for the students with which they can primarily teach themselves. By contrast, Actualize strikes a 50/50 balance between instruction and exercise. It simply takes a lot less time to learn something when it’s explained and demonstrated to you by expert educators than it does to learn it on your own. We’ve enrolled students who tried full-time programs before leaving and joining Actualize, and they’ve been shocked to experience the difference. In the words of one such student, “It took me five hours to learn what you just explained in 30 minutes, and it makes a lot more sense now.”

What programming background do I need in order to be accepted to Actualize?

We don’t require specific experience to join our program. However, admissions is competitive, and those who show initiative by putting effort into teaching themselves the basics will be at an advantage.

What qualities do you look for in Actualize students?

We seek students who are ambitious, eager to learn, and prepared to handle frustration at times - all necessary qualities for success in web development. We also have two other key requirements: 1) that you are seeking a career in software engineering (because that is the intent of our curriculum), and 2) that you have begun at least somewhat teaching yourself to code before joining our program (so that you are sure a career in coding is for you).

To what extent must I have been teaching myself to code before joining Actualize?

Since we have no specific requirements, we decide on a case-by-case basis. A typical applicant has been working through programming tutorials for at least a few months.


How much is tuition for the Actualize program?

Tuition is $13,900 in all cities.

When is payment due?

We have flexible payment plans. Speak to your Admissions Advisor for more information.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We coach applicants on lending options. Details are available in conversation with Admissions Advisors.

What is your tuition refund policy?

Students can withdraw from the program at any time and receive a pro-rated refund (less a non-refundable registration fee).


How does the application process work?

First, fill out our online application form here. The next step is an interview with an Admissions Officer, which you'll schedule when you submit your online application. After your initial interview, your Admissions Officer will share next steps, which may include a site visit and/or a second interview. There is no coding challenge for Actualize admissions. The process takes anywhere from a few days to about a week, depending on when your appointments are scheduled.


What is Actualize's class schedule?

During the five-week Prework phase, students work online on their own schedules for around 20 hours per week. Throughout the in-class instruction, classes take place on Sundays from 9a to 5p and on Monday through Thursday from 6p to 9:30p. The apprenticeship takes place three nights per week for three hours each.

What is your student-teacher ratio?

Each class has one Lead Instructor, two TAs, and is capped at 17 students. We aim to have a ratio of five students to one staff member in the classroom.

What topics will be covered throughout the Actualize program?

To see which topics we teach week-by-week, download our full curriculum (available on our homepage).

How much time will I be expected to put in each week?

Prework (weeks 1-5) requires around 20 hours per week. During Bootcamp (weeks 6-17), there are 21 hours of class time each week. Apprenticeship (weeks 18+) requires around 20 hours per week - 15 on client work (nine hours of which are remote) and five on interview and job prep.

Can I attend bootcamp remotely?

Aside from the Prework portion (weeks 1-4), which is entirely remote, no. Our curriculum is designed to be taught in-person by our Lead Instructors, so we require all developers-in-training to attend every class.

Will there be homework during the course?

Technically, Prework is entirely homework, as all of it is remote. There is no required homework during Bootcamp, but we do provide optional homework exercises for those who want more practice. We encourage anyone who has extra time to put in additional practice or further build out her or his Capstone project - the more time you put in, the more you get out of your experience!

What is a Capstone project?

Capstones are web applications built by students using our full stack of frameworks and languages that show off everything learned throughout the course. These are presented to potential employers, as well as friends and family, at each cohort’s Showcase.

What kind of project can I do for my Capstone?

You’ll build a web application (note: not a mobile app) based on a topic that interests you. You will receive guidance from your instructor on choosing an application that is both impressive and reasonable. Check out some past Capstones here.

Will I work on my Capstone alone or with a partner/team?

You will build your own individual web app for your Capstone.

What is the Showcase?

The Showcase, which takes place after the completion of Bootcamp, is an open-house style event where developers present their individual Capstone projects to friends, family, recruiters, hiring managers, and other guests. It’s a celebration of our graduates’ achievements as well as an opportunity to network with potential employers in your area.

What is the Apprenticeship and how does it work?

The Apprenticeship is a guaranteed opportunity for every Actualize graduate to gain as much real-world work experience as she or he needs to land an entry-level web developer position. For up to 17 weeks, you will apprentice with our web agency, The Difference Engine, where you will work in teams on projects for our clients under the supervision of more senior developers. Apprentices can expect to spend 15 hours per week on client work and five hours per week on our Interview Prep Curriculum to ready them for the job-search process. All graduates apprentice for six weeks; after that, you have the opportunity to continue for up to an additional 11 weeks, departing anytime with two weeks' notice.

How do you help Actualize grads find jobs?

We help our developers land their dream jobs by starting them on their journeys with a success mindset, providing them the best available coding education, hosting the Showcase to introduce new devs to local recruiters and hiring managers, working with our developers to improve their resumes and interview skills, partnering with tech companies looking to hire web developers from our classes, and providing every graduate the opportunity to gain professional experience through the Apprenticeship portion of our program.

What kind of job can I expect to land after completing the Actualize program?

Our graduates can expect to land a full-stack software developer position after graduation. All our graduates are guaranteed the opportunity to apprentice with our web agency, The Difference Engine, part-time for up to four months.


Why do you only hire Lead Instructors with professional experience in both teaching and web development?

Actualize is founded on strong educational principles. We aren’t a bunch of coders who decided to start a school - rather, we’re experienced educators with a passion for both teaching and coding. Our bootcamp, custom curriculum, and strict standards for Lead Instructors reflect this.

How long has Actualize been in existence?

Jay Wengrow founded Anyone Can Learn To Code (the company that powers Actualize bootcamp and apprenticeship program) in early 2014. Our first bootcamp cohort began in Chicago in May 2014 and graduated in August 2014.

I can’t attend the next cohort in my city. Can I apply for a future cohort now?

Yes, absolutely! Just let us know on your application or during your interview.

What kind of computer do I need for class?

We require the use of Macbooks (2012 or later). Students must provide their own laptops.

I have a question that’s not listed here.

Reach out to us via our live chat service, the contact form, or via email at hello@anyonecanlearntocode.com with additional questions!