I Have No Coding Experience. What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for a Coding Bootcamp?

We get this question a lot, so I figured I’d write up a blog post to answer it.

What to prepare for a coding bootcamp depends very much on the coding bootcamp you hope to attend. When choosing a coding bootcamp, it’s very important to understand the different types that exist so that you can choose the coding bootcamp that is right for you.

While there are many differ...

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Success Story: San Francisco - From Accountant to Stealth Startup Developer

Welcome to our new Success Stories series, in which we interview Actualize grads who successfully made the leap and landed a job in tech.

In this first post, we interview Ian Matthews of San Francisco, who recently graduated from an Actualize Online Live cohort.

What were you doing before you joined Actualize?

My background is in accounting,...

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What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps, coding schools, dev bootcamps, code academies - they may go by different names, but they are all phrases that describe the same phenomenon.

What is a coding bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a vocational program that teaches its students the skills necessary to become a software developer. A software developer - sometimes called a computer programmer or...

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Coding Bootcamps Vs. Computer Science Degrees

I recently received the following question via email:

"Hello! I'm a junior in high school and I've been looking into computer science programs for college and I was just wondering if a coding bootcamp is a substitute for a computer science degree. Would you recommend joining a coding bootcamp post-college or beforehand?"

These are fantastic questions, and I thought that m...

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Watch The Actualize Online Live Showcase

We're so proud of the most recent Actualize Online Live cohort that graduated yesterday. Each Actualize grad presented their individual Capstone projects at our online Showcase to a panel developers while others watched on YouTube LiveStream. Even though the Showcase is over, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube below.

The Capstone project that each Actualize student builds is ...

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Q&A With Hiring Partner Leapfrog Online

SwitchUp conducted an interview with Leapfrog Online, a Chicago-based tech company who has hired five Actualize grads over the course of a few years. A special thanks to Kevin from Leapfrog Online and Mary from SwitchUp for doing this wonderful interview!

The interview covers many topics, including:

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Actualize Launches Online Bootcamp!

We’re excited to announce that Actualize is launching an online bootcamp. Initially, the ability for students to access top education while keeping a day job was the motivation to make Actualize a part-time program, and now, giving students the ability t...

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Actualize Students in Rwanda Share Their Experiences

Three of my students taking the Actualize Bootcamp share their experiences and discuss the education differences between traditional education in Rwanda versus Actualize's educational model.

Left to Right: Obed Bigirimana, Salomon Beza, and Karoli Kolokonyi

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Why I'm Headed South: Teaching Web Development in Rwanda

There are many reasons why people choose a career in web development: a well-paid job, a new challenge, ability to be creative, or greater job security. I've seen my students leave monotonous jobs or dead-end careers and enter an exciting new stage in their life. When that happens - when students get their first dev job after finishing the bootcamp - that's what g...

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We’ve got a new look! And a new name for our bootcamp & apprenticeship program...

Exciting news: Anyone Can Learn To Code has been refactored! We’ve got a new look and feel, as well as a new name for our part-time bootcamp and apprenticeship program: Actualize.

The brand-new Actualize logo!

Anyone Can Learn To Code will remain the name of our company (think Read More

Switchup Guest Post: Why ACLTC hires only professional teachers to lead its classes

Our education style, curriculum, and teaching staff are a source of pride for us here at ACLTC. Because of that, we decided to write a guest blot post on Switchup.org where we delve into why it's so important to us to bring on Lead Instructors who are both...

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Capstone wrap-up: ACLTC's eighth cohort has graduated!

We can hardly believe our EIGHTH cohort of web developers has just graduated from Anyone Can Learn To Code! The Chicago Showcase took place on May 20th at 1871 Chicago and marked the end of our latest grads' 15 weeks of bootcamp. Next week, they'll begin their apprenticeships with The Difference Engine, where they'll work on pro...

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Course Report Apprentice Spotlight: ACLTC Alumnus Luke Evans

What's it like to apprentice for Anyone Can Learn To Code's web agency The Difference Engine? Find out firsthand in a Q&A from Course Report with ACLTC alumnus Luke Evans, who graduated in January from our San Francisco bootcamp. Luke talks about his transition from chemical engineering to a career in web development, what the learning experience was like at ACLTC, and the projects he's work...

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Guest Post on Course Report: What Type of Coding Bootcamp Learner Are You?

We got the chance to write a guest blog post for Course Report this week, where we outlined the various teaching styles you'll encounter when learning to code and how to choose the right option for you. This guide will help you determine whether you should attend a bootcamp (and ...

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The Latest Chicago Showcase: Capstone Wrap-Up

We wrapped up the latest ACLTC Chicago cohort a couple weeks ago - our fifth one in the Windy City! The Showcase took place on a Friday over lunch at 1871, and we couldn’t be prouder of the talent, skill, and hard work that our developers demonstrated with their Capstone projects. If you attended the event in person, you’ll know exactly what we mean! For those who missed out, read on to get ...

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The Inaugural SF Cohort: Capstone Wrap-Up

Time sure does fly! We can’t believe we’ve already celebrated the graduation of our very first San Francisco cohort. The Showcase took place on a Thursday night at The Box in San Francisco, and everyone at ACLTC is so proud of all the hard work and accomplishments our developers demonstrated to the guests throughout the event.

To create their Capstone apps, the developers used ...

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Alumni Feature: Khoa Le

Our alumni are pretty amazing individuals. While still working daytime jobs, they attended our 12-week part-time coding bootcamp on weeknights from M-Th and all day Sunday. Some were looking to make a career change, while others were looking to learn a new skill. We loved getting to know each and everyone of them, and feel like our readers should get to know them too.

This morning, we sat...

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Alumni Feature: Sylvester Nettles

Our alumni are pretty amazing individuals. While still working daytime jobs, they attended our 12-week part-time coding bootcamp on weeknights from M-Th and all day Sunday. Some were looking to make a career change, while others were looking to learn a new skill. We loved getting to know each and everyone of them, and feel like our readers should get to know them too.

This morning,...

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Anyone Can Learn To Code Expands to San Francisco

We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming expansion of Anyone Can Learn to Code to all our West Coast friends! We will be offering our signature part-time coding bootcamp to interested applicants in the San Francisco area starting October 11, 2015. Our part-time bootcamp model allows students an opportunity to learn web development while still working a daytime job.

The pro...

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Planning for Success: Learning to Code in 2016

While losing weight, getting organized, and traveling to new places are all worthy New Year’s resolutions, gaining code literacy should be at the top of your list for 2016. Here’s why.

The world is rapidly becoming more tech oriented each and every day. We are now surrounded and dependent on internet and mobile technology like never before. Understanding how these technologies work...

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Our Second Student Showcase

We had a really nice turnout for our second Student Showcase, which took place on December 18, 2014 in the 1871 Auditorium. Our six graduates had each of their Capstone Projects on display, and the attendees made their rounds, meeting each graduate and getting a personal walkthrough of each app.

In case you missed it, here is what each student built:

Mark created a survey...

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