Success Story: San Francisco - From Accountant to Stealth Startup Developer

Welcome to our new Success Stories series, in which we interview Actualize grads who successfully made the leap and landed a job in tech.

In this first post, we interview Ian Matthews of San Francisco, who recently graduated from an Actualize Online Live cohort.

What were you doing before you joined Actualize?

My background is in accounting,...

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Capstone wrap-up: ACLTC's eighth cohort has graduated!

We can hardly believe our EIGHTH cohort of web developers has just graduated from Anyone Can Learn To Code! The Chicago Showcase took place on May 20th at 1871 Chicago and marked the end of our latest grads' 15 weeks of bootcamp. Next week, they'll begin their apprenticeships with The Difference Engine, where they'll work on pro...

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Course Report Apprentice Spotlight: ACLTC Alumnus Luke Evans

What's it like to apprentice for Anyone Can Learn To Code's web agency The Difference Engine? Find out firsthand in a Q&A from Course Report with ACLTC alumnus Luke Evans, who graduated in January from our San Francisco bootcamp. Luke talks about his transition from chemical engineering to a career in web development, what the learning experience was like at ACLTC, and the projects he's work...

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How To Ace A Coding Bootcamp Interview

The popularity of coding bootcamps makes it increasingly important to ace your interview. Many competitive applicants come through the doors, but bootcamps will have limited availability. How can you stand out from the rest? Here are 4 tips to remember:

1. Professionalism – As with all interviews, have a professional appearance. Is this a business interview requiring formal...

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Alumni Feature: Sylvester Nettles

Our alumni are pretty amazing individuals. While still working daytime jobs, they attended our 12-week part-time coding bootcamp on weeknights from M-Th and all day Sunday. Some were looking to make a career change, while others were looking to learn a new skill. We loved getting to know each and everyone of them, and feel like our readers should get to know them too.

This morning,...

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Our Second Student Showcase

We had a really nice turnout for our second Student Showcase, which took place on December 18, 2014 in the 1871 Auditorium. Our six graduates had each of their Capstone Projects on display, and the attendees made their rounds, meeting each graduate and getting a personal walkthrough of each app.

In case you missed it, here is what each student built:

Mark created a survey...

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