Watch The Actualize Online Live Showcase

We're so proud of the most recent Actualize Online Live cohort that graduated yesterday. Each Actualize grad presented their individual Capstone projects at our online Showcase to a panel developers while others watched on YouTube LiveStream. Even though the Showcase is over, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube below.

The Capstone project that each Actualize student builds is ...

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Q&A With Hiring Partner Leapfrog Online

SwitchUp conducted an interview with Leapfrog Online, a Chicago-based tech company who has hired five Actualize grads over the course of a few years. A special thanks to Kevin from Leapfrog Online and Mary from SwitchUp for doing this wonderful interview!

The interview covers many topics, including:

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Actualize Students in Rwanda Share Their Experiences

Three of my students taking the Actualize Bootcamp share their experiences and discuss the education differences between traditional education in Rwanda versus Actualize's educational model.

Left to Right: Obed Bigirimana, Salomon Beza, and Karoli Kolokonyi

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Why I'm Headed South: Teaching Web Development in Rwanda

There are many reasons why people choose a career in web development: a well-paid job, a new challenge, ability to be creative, or greater job security. I've seen my students leave monotonous jobs or dead-end careers and enter an exciting new stage in their life. When that happens - when students get their first dev job after finishing the bootcamp - that's what g...

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Actualize is Coming to Rwanda!

Our mission at Actualize is to empower people to live more rewarding lives through a career in technology. We work hard at this day in and day out, from advising applicants to whether Actualize is a good fit for them, to our meticulous curriculum and instruction, to running an apprenticeship designed to provide our students with real world experience, to coaching ...

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What is Actualize?

Let me ask you the following question: If someone from a foreign country came to the US and began learning the English language, and asked you, “I saw the word ‘mentor’ on a sign. What does that word mean?” How would you respond? Take a minute to think about this.

You may find it difficult to encapsulate the definition of a mentor in one word. Is a mento...

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