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September 16, 2015

Alumni Feature: Khoa Le

Our alumni are pretty amazing individuals. While still working daytime jobs, they attended our 12-week part-time coding bootcamp on weeknights from M-Th and all day Sunday. Some were looking to make a career change, while others were looking to learn a new skill. We loved getting to know each and everyone of them, and feel like our readers should get to know them too.

This morning, we sat down for a chat with Anyone Can Learn To Code’s Chicago recent alum, Khoa Le.

What were you doing before the bootcamp?

I was working as an IT Support Analyst at IPXI, a financial trading startup company.

Why did you want to make the switch to web development?

I became less and less interested in my job and found web development to be much more challenging and more rewarding.

How did you hear about the bootcamp?

I attended ACLTC meetup workshop and found out the ACLTC has a part time web dev bootcamp

What made you decide to enroll in the cohort?

I wanted to switch career at the same time still keep my full time job.

Tell me where you’re working now and what you’re doing.

I work at Brickfish, a social media tech company. I work on promotional websites integrating social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

What were the skills and tools you learned at ACLTC that helped you land your current role?

I learned Ruby on Rails, Git, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and mySQL database. I landed my first web dev job from networking connections at the ACLTC showcase.

What would you tell others looking to make a career change into web development?

It requires lots of hours of sacrifice and coding. You always need to be learning and a love of solving problems. The time commitment is what will separate you from others.

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